Polyamide Strut Mount Cuts Weight, Improves Ride

The first-ever glass-reinforced polyamide automotive strut mount housings are a finalist in the in the 46th-annual SPE Automotive Innovation Awards competition. Winners will be announced Wednesday evening at Burton Manor in the suburbs of Detroit. 

First announced a year ago, the strut-mount housings are on all four corners of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan and represent the first application of polyamide housings on the front and rear

ContiTech Vibration Control – the developer of the technology with GM and BASF – said  that there is a weight reduction of around 25 percent and a longer service life. “High-performance plastics are the material of the future in the automotive industry,” said Kai Frühauf, who heads ContiTech Vibration Control.

Polyamide strut mount. (SPE Automotive)

Polyamide strut mount. (SPE Automotive)

The spring strut mount is the interface between the spring strut and body and allows low-friction rotational movement of the spring strut in the front of the vehicle, providing contact of the tire to the road.

Spray water, road salt, sand, gravel, and vibrations can cause the spring strut to wear.

“Key to success was the early integration of our customer in the development process, which meant that we were involved in system design right from the outset and could contribute our specialist experience,” said Stefan Wöhler, a developer at ContiTech Vibration Control.

The material is Ultramid A3WG10CR 50 percent glass-reinforced PA 6/6.

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