BASF Targets Special Polyamides For Charge Air Ducts

Specially tailored polyamides are targeting turbocharger components as automakers downsize engines to meet increasingly stringent fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions requirements.

One example is the 2.0L GTDI turbo compressor outlet duct in the 2017 FCA Alpha Romeo Giulia luxury sedan. BASF supplied Ultramid Endure D5G3 polyamide 66 for 3D flashless blow molding.

Charge air ducts, which take air from the turbocharger to the throttle body, can see continuous-use temps as high as 220ºC and pressures as high as 207 KPa. Optimized designs are required to fit in tight spaces. Turbochargers can be used to compensate for a loss of power in the engine while at the same time reducing the cubic capacity. Turbocharging produces higher pressures and temperatures in the engine compartment, especially in the charge-air duct.

Turbo compressor outlet duct (SPE Automotive Div.)

Turbo compressor outlet duct (SPE Automotive Div.)

Switching to the heat-stabilized PA 66 cut weight 30-40 percent and cost 20-25 percent less than metal versions. Tool supplier is the ABC Group. The part is a finalist in the 46th-annual SPE Automotive Innovation Awards competition. Winners will be announced Nov. 9 at Burton Manor in the suburbs of Detroit.

At K2016, BASF said that it is supplying selected locally manufactured polyamides with globally consistent specifications, locally manufactured for the charge-air duct requiring various demands on pressure and resistance up to 220°C.

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