K2016: DSM Introduces New Plastic

At K2016 today, DSM Engineering Plastics introduced what it described as an all-new plastic, a polyphthalamide (PPA) called ForTii Ace that is directly aimed at replacement of die-cast aluminum in automotive parts.

“We are targeting ForTii Ace at die-cast metal replacement applications that require a high mechanical performance that stays constant even at constant-use temperatures as high as 150 degrees C, as well as superior chemical stability,” said Konraad Dullaert, global business manager for the new product. “Such applications may also have design space restrictions and/or NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) challenges.”

Auto part on displat at K2016 made from new DSM plastic.

Auto part on displat at K2016 made from new DSM plastic.

The glass transition temperature of 160 C is significantly higher than other PPAs and at least 80 C higher than polyamide 66, according to Dullaert. The new grade is also said to possess higher resistance to various automotive oils and chemicals, even compared to PEEK. Other key properties will be comparable to PEEK, “but at a much lower price,” said Roeland Polet, president of DSM Engineering Plastics.

The price for the material was not disclosed, but “it will be in the single digits”. Polet said the cost for a part made from the new plastic will be comparable to the same part made from die-cast aluminum after finishing costs are figured in. He said it can be used as a drop-in with current designs and can be designed to take advantage of functional integration with injection molding in the future.

Specific target applications include powertrain, transmission, chassis, and thermal management components.

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