K2016: Covestro Is Going Commercial On Carbon Dioxide Foam

Plastics made from carbon dioxide will debut soon in commercial products.

Belgian manufacturer Recticel says it will launch polyurethane foam made from carbon dioxide before the end of the year. Examples of the foam were on display at the Covestro stand at K 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Covestro is the former Bayer MaterialScience.
Covestro has developed a way to make polyol, a component of foam, with a carbon dioxide content of around 20 percent. Trademarked cardyon, the new foam is made at a newly commissioned manufacturing plant in Dormagen, Germany. It’s located next to a factory that produces ammonia. The carbon dioxide is a waste byproduct of the ammonia production.

cardyon foam sample at Covestro's K2016. This is the company's debut at K since its spinoff from Bayer a year ago.

cardyon foam sample at  K2016.

Several more commercial cardyon products, including elastomers, will debut soon, said Kirsten Maisch, cardyon product manager.
The program to make plastic from carbon dioxide is financially supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
“Everyone thinks of carbon dioxide as a bad greenhouse gas,” said Covestro CEO at a press conference at the company’s stand at K 2016. “We view at as a valuable source of carbon.”

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