K Chair: Machinery Shipments Will Continue Growth Through 2017

Plastics machinery shipments are expected to grow 2 percent this year and continue to expand next year, said Ulrich Reifenhauser, chairman of the Exhibitors’ Council, at a press conference a day before the opening of K 2016 in Duesseldorf, Germany.
“The United States is especially excellent; business is booming,” he said. The only economies showing weakness are China, Russia and Brazil, in Reifenhauser’s view. He is also the managing partner of Reifenhauser GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik, Trisdorf, Germany.

Opening press cnference at K2016

Opening press cnference at K2016

No surprise then that the 19- hall K Fair, a triennial show, is once again sold out with 3,285 exhibitors representing 61 countries. Two countries noted for significantly higher participation are Turkey (113 exhibitors, up from 96 at K2013) and Iran (13 exhibitors, up from three at K2013).
Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, Messe Duesseldorf. CEO, said that 200,000 visitors are expected at K2016, making it the most well-attended plastics event in the world. It’s not clear how many of those are unique visitors as a person is counted as a visitor each time he comes into the show.
The major theme that will be addressed at this hear’s show will be the increased wireless connectivity of equipment in an effort to make optimum use of data collected by sensors and other instrumentation. That trend is called Industry 4.0 and will be featured at many booths. Milacron, for example, is introducing the Smart Mold, which collects and the transmits data collected from a hot runner.
Another focal point will be marine litter and re-use of plastics waste generally. Reifenhauser said, in his opinion, there needs to be much better education on waste collection starting at a very young age,

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