Mold-Masters Announces ‘SmartMold’

Mold-Masters has developed a product called SmartMold that is described on the Milacron Web site as “a small powerful PC fully integrated with sensors in the hot runner.”

The technology is an interesting attempt to gather conditions in the hot runner and communicate that information wirelessly to give engineers another tool to help improve processing conditions.

SmartMold (Milacron)

SmartMold (Milacron)

Milacron says the SmartMold allows different pieces of equipment to talk to each other, while collecting and reporting data. The  SmartMold also allows for the scheduling of regular and preventive maintenance.

More details will be available at the Milacron exhibit at K2016, where it will be shown on on the MPET 300 machine producing PET preforms with co-injected barrier layer. Established in 1963, Mold-Masters is a leading suppliers of hot runner technology and systems that was acquired by Milacron three years ago.


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