Robots Aligned On Same Axis Expedite Door Panel Molding

Left and right door side panels are molded in a single shot by Arkal Automotive on a 1,600-metric ton injection molding machine from KraussMaffei at its Crock location in Thuringia, Germany.

The system features two linear robots, mechanically coupled on a single axis and operated via a single central control system. The two LRX 350 linear robots, which are arranged on a joint z axis, demold the components in a parallel process, and then deposit them a storage area.

Side panels are molded in a single shot

Side panels are molded in a single shot

“This is the first time that we combined two mechanically coupled x/y axes of the LRX series on a z robot axis with a new control concept,” says Thomas Marufke, managing director at KraussMaffei Automation. Both linear robots as well as the MX 1600 can be programmed and controlled via the central MC6 control system

The door panels are made of 30 percent fiber glass-reinforced polypropylene on large multi-daylight molds customized for this application. The molds are equipped with a “flying platen”.

Arkal currently manufactures approximately 3,600 door side panels per week in three shifts, alternating between front and back panels.

The production location in Thuringia houses 11 injection molding machines, eight of which are from KraussMaffei.

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