K2016: Wittmann’s ‘Smart’ Approach to In-Mold Thermoforming

Metal thermoforming takes place inside a single-cavity injection mold supplied by IKV Aachen (Institute for Plastics Processing) in a novel technology that will be shown at K2016 by Wittmann Battenfeld.

A specially treated metal sheet blank is inserted into the mold by a robot equipped with the new R9 control system and then thermoformed by a stamp during mold closing. The formed metal sheet is then insert-molded with polyamide.

The part is molded with an EcoPower 110/350 equipped with the new generation control systems, called B8.

Wittmann's new B8 control.

Wittmann’s new B8 control.

The demonstration is part of Wittmann’s take on Industry 4.0, showing control from a single source and increased security from cyber threats.

Primary and auxiliary equipment shown by Wittmann at the K fair will be networked via the B8 machine control system, using a uniform Windows interface. This enables interaction to be coordinated as well as transparent.

Wittmann uses its own proprietary 4.0 router. Only appliances that identify themselves to the router with a security certificate are granted access to the production cell. The router is integrated in the injection molding machine.

It dispenses with the manual allocation of IP addresses to the individual appliances within a production cell, allowing a “plug & produce” approach.

Furthering the idea of connectivity, an EcoPower Medical 110/350 will be remotely operated outside a cleanroom with a tablet computer. In the cell, the central pump component of an inhalator from Boehringer Ingelheim microParts GmbH will be manufactured from PEEK

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