Missouri Molder Wins Back LSR Work From China

While the numbers show that manufacturing, on a net basis, continues to move offshore, there are still plenty of interesting stories about reshoring.

A new one comes from machine builder Engel, which reports that one of its customers, MDS Manufacturing, has grown 800 percent since its founding in St. Louis six years ago.

The MDS plant floor. (Engel)

The MDS plant floor. (Engel)

A big part of the company’s growth has been in LSR (liquid silicone rubber) molding, a business that MDS entered in 2013. LSR now represents one-third of the company’s revenues. Seven of its 18 injection molding machines are dedicated to LSR products such as parts for baby bottles and breast pumps.

MDS cut delivery time for an infant care client from six months with a Chinese supplier to six weeks. They have won business from China representing more than one million parts per month.

Their machines include standard hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric models. MDS also operates stretch blow bottle machines.

Owners Mike and Dave Skaggs are expanding their plant by 60,000 to 90,000 square feet next year



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