New Plastic Bullets Get Rave Reviews

INCPTR-Ammo6-CU1-5784Gun enthusiasts are raving about a newly developed injection molded, plastic bullet and one even predicts it may be selected by the U.S. Army as ammunition for a new pistol.

The new bullets are lighter, have more energy entering a target, have less recoil, and feature an injection molded fluted top that is said to do more damage than widely used lead-core expanding hollow point rounds.

Guns & Ammo magazine named it the 2015 “Ammo of the Year.”

In an article titled “Is It Time for Plastic Ammunition?” a reviewer for wrote: “The lightweight polymer/copper bullet (compared to traditional lead or increasingly common all-copper bullets) is delivered at a higher-than-normal velocity and the flutes in the bullet seem to radiate bodily fluids outward as it bleeds off energy for roughly the first six inches of penetration.”

The plastic bullets were developed by a U.S. Army vet named Paul Lemke who manufactures them in a small injection molding plant (Sumitomo Demags) in Savannah, Georgia. His company, Polycase Ammunition, was founded in 2012 and began actively producing and marketing with a well-known ammunitions manufacturer as a partner.

In 2015, PolyCase launched the Inceptor line in which traditional brass cases are loaded with bullets injection-molded from a proprietary copper and a high-tensile strength nylon mixture. Epoxy is also used as the matrix resin in some of the company’s ammunition products.

For plastics expertise, Lemke turned to PolyOne, which has been aggressively expanding into high-value, technical compounding niches.

“PolyCase needed a material with a specific density and uniformity, essential to making projectiles that would penetrate soft and intermediate barriers reliably, but that also offered a reduced risk of ricochet when hitting a hard target such as a hardened steel plate,” states a case history on the PolyOne Web site. “And the projectiles still needed to provide the accuracy and trouble-free operation of conventional lead-core ammunition.”

PolyOne developed a specialized lead-free Gravi-Tech high-density polymer composite. “PolyOne’s ongoing collaboration with PolyCase leverages our technical support capabilities and formulation expertise to supplement their unique and proprietary design,” said Robert M. Patterson, president and chief executive officer, PolyOne. “We are proud to have collaborated with them on this game-changing, revolutionary new product.”

Late last year, PolyOne established a dedicated team to develop products for the sports shooting industry.



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