ROKIT Looks Like A 3D Printer To Watch

While Stratasys and 3D Systems are struggling due to missteps in the overhyped consumer 3D printing market, a small venture capital-backed company in South Korea is unveiling new technologies at a rapid clip and is now receiving government funding for an entry in the bio-printing space.

The power behind the company, called ROKIT, is CEO Seok-Hwan You, a former executive at Daewoo and Tyco, who launched ROKIT in a bid to develop industrial design engineering in South Korea. His goal is to leverage the country’s strength in information technology to build the biggest 3D printing company in the world by 2017. ROKIT is an acronym for Republic of Korea Information Technology.

It seems like a long shot, but the company’s early achievements are impressive. It seems like the CEO’s goal was to develop a workable technology, throw products against the wall and see what sticks. Early efforts included a chocolate printer. Along the way ROKIT developed a printer for SABIC’s Ultem PEI and polycarbonate, important industrial engineering resins.

The aluminum-framed 3DISON PRO AEP (which stands for Advanced Engineering Plastic) 3D printer features a bed that is designed to heat up to 200°C degree. ROKIT recently announced that it would make parts for customers, an apparent realization that these expensive machines—and materials—would be slow sellers.

Other printers in the ROKIT line are the 3DISON Multi, PRO, H700, S, Dental and JJ1230.

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