MTD Micro Molding Orders Ultrasion Ultrasonic Machine

MTD Micro Molding, a long time innovator in the production of miniature parts, will soon begin work with an Ultrasion ultrasonic injection molding machine. The technology, which was introduced at K2013, uses ultrasonic energy—not heaters—to melt pellets.

Material waste is dramatically reduced and part quality is improved because of the low pressures involved in the process.

Flow is also improved, and MTD hopes to make smaller and thinner parts with better details.

The Sonorus 1G machine has a dosage system that delivers the correct quantity of standard pellets for every shot. The production cycle begins with the mold closed and dosed with plastic at room temperature. The material is then contacted by an ultrasonic horn or “sonotrode” that melts the plastic, and pushes it into the mold cavities. XG0_5483-e1413802498995

Delivery of the new ultrasonic molding machine is expected at the end of next month. A company spokesperson says it’s too early to say what parts or materials will be used on the machine.

In one recent example of MTD’s capabilities, the company produced an EVA ophthalmic implant weighing just 0.00000313 grams. Sarix milling technology was used to make a gate measuring 0.0018” x 0.0008”.

MTD is based in Charlton, Massachusetts. Ultrasion is based in Barcelona, Spain.



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