Victrex Moves Downstream In Aerospace Market

Victrex, the leading global supplier of polyaryletherketone (PAEK) engineering resins with a capacity exceeding 7,000 metric tons, is making an interesting move downstream in its major market areas.

With the slogan “selling a solution, not just materials”, Victrex is making end products from PEEK such as gears and pipe through acquisitions or partners. The company is already a major producer of PEEK film for medical and other applications. VICTREX-AE250-UD-tape--Victrex

At the CAMX show in Dallas, Victrex announced an important downstream development in what it considers another mega program: aircraft brackets. The company will market its own unidirectional tape and laminates to fill what it considers a void in the market. There’s also a potential to even move into the actual production of parts at some later time, depending on market development.

Victrex last year announced development of a composite overmolding project based on a development of a lower melting temperature PAEK that allows fusion with PEEK. The PAEK insert uses tape or preformed laminates. The PEEK uses short fiber reinforcement such as carbon fiber and can be molded into complex shapes. The insert provides strength and rigidity.

“Victrex sees this as another excellent opportunity to support our customers by being a total solutions provider,” says Tim Herr, aerospace director at Victrex. “Our innovative PAEK composites, paired with the revolutionary hybrid molding technology, bridge the gap between composites and injection molding.  It enables the manufacture of complex composite parts which have not been possible until now.”

Tier Ones that produce seats for aircraft are interested in the process as a way to cut weight.


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