Milacron Beefs Up Auxiliary Injection Units

Auxiliary injection units were hot at K2013, and the beat keeps on going. They can dramatically boost productivity at minimal cost, creating quick co-injection capabilities._JyN1P-VT5YNxK1_Seavp-18GyVZ0ATrnnhHDKln9f8,ievOLjicSkT9LX5gqdlJznWCg7EfsW6WoV9Z5IH_-xA

Milacron is beefing up its play, the E-Multi–an all-electric, servomotor driven, mold or platen mounted auxiliary injection unit for multi-material or multi-colored applications. “The E-Multi maximizes the injection molding performance and allows molders to enter into the growing multi-material and multicolor application market by leveraging the simplicity, precision and cost efficiency of the E-Multi,” says Milacron’s Yann Coquelle.

The E-Multi can be used with any injection molding machine, according to Milacron.

The mold-mounted E-Multi EM1 model has received a new carriage that is said to fit compactly into the molding area. A relocated spring pack boosts tie-bar clearance and increases mechanical nozzle protrusion adjustment from ±5 mm to ±15 mm.

The larger E-Multi EM3 and EM4 models are now capable of being outfitted with a radial option. E-Multi Radial mounts to the top of the stationary platen and allows the E-Multi unit to rotate to the “parked position”, providing unobstructed access to the mold mounting face for quick mold change. Servo sprue break motion is standard. The EM3 and EM4 units are capable of shots of 57cc to 499 cc.

Software for the units has also been updated.


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