Robot Controls Become More Intuitive

Equipment manufacturers are achieving significant progress in making it easier to program machine controls. As explained by several companies at K2013, one reason is increasing interest in selling equipment in China and other markets that lack skilled technicians. That’s almost everywhere outside of central Europe.

One new example comes from the Motoman Robotics Division of Yaskawa America.

Its new SPI Pendant is said to provide the ability to quickly create and modify programs without knowledge of the company’s proprietary INFORM robot programming language. A setup wizard leads users through a series of configuration options for robots, conveyors, de-gating stations and more. The icon-driven interface allows users to develop program flow without robot programming.thumb-DSC_0128

Operators can interact and control the robot by using familiar event-driven paradigm and language. By looking at the robot program as a series of events, the operators are able to understand and modify it as needed, according to Motoman.

For actions requiring robot motion, the robot is jogged into position and the location is recorded. Once a list of program actions is complete, the SPI Pendant Interface generates a robot program in Yaskawa Motoman’s native INFORM language. The robot program can be started and controlled from the SPI Pendant Interface without navigating to other pendant screens. Its I/O interface uses standard EuroMap 67 or EuroMap 12 format (optional hardware interface available). Customization is available.

Rodney Brooks’s Baxter humanoid robot is leading the way here, but it’s interesting to watch as the rest of the pack starts to catch up.



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