Fakuma: RocTool, KM Will Show Film-Free Special Effects

RocTool and KraussMaffei will team up at the upcoming Fakuma trade show in Germany on a demonstration of interesting surface effects that can be created with a dynamically inductive mold temperature control system (called Dynamic Mold Heating or DMH).

Part surfaces are said to have a laser or hologram look using molds with special surfaces with effects such as matt, high gloss, or punched holes.

“DMH is an excellent example of production efficiency. There is no need for additional film technology,” says Jochen Mitzler, head of Strategic Product Management at KraussMaffei.

The demonstration will use a KraussMaffei CX 160 equipped with the new MC6 Multitouch central control system.

At K2013, RocTool molded 0.8mm electronic tablet housings that did not require painting even though they contained glass reinforcement.

In the RocTool’s induction technique, the mold surface is heated in a few seconds to a molding temperature, creating a resin rich exterior


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