Cap Dispenses Ingredients In New Bottle Design

A new bottle-top dispensing cap requires maximum precision of dimensional stability and geometry to guarantee sealing of the membrane and the assembled carrier components.

Ingredients are dispensed through the cap in new design.

Ingredients are dispensed through the cap in new design.

A Hong Kong-based company called Incap developed a twist-off cap for bottles that actually dispenses vitamins or other ingredients (dry or liquid) into still or carbonated water in a PET bottle.

“A beverage is so much more interesting if consumers can prepare their very own special drink,” says Axel Hauck, co-owner and European director of Incap. Use of the dispensing cap also eliminates use of preservatives.

Horst Hähl of Dusslingen, Germany took on the development of the prototyping mold as well as the optimization, construction and final design of the production mold after experiencing problems with the prototyping mold in China.

Featuring wall-thicknesses of less than one millimeter and an extremely complex geometry, the cap has to withstand high pressure and different temperatures. The sealing properties must be maintained, particularly when carbonised beverages or hot liquids are being bottled.

Hähl conducted optimization trials on an eight-cavity mold on an all-electric Sumitomo (SHI) Demag IntElect injection molding machine. Teamplast, which operates 30 Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injecton moulding machines, is the production molder.


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