Micro Firepower Is Lining Up for NPE2015

Among the highlights of the last K Fair in Germany were interesting new ideas in micro injection molding machines, including a fresh concept from MHS of Georgetown, Ontario.

Plustech, the North American branch of Sodick’s IMM Division, announced this week that it will introduce the HC03VRE Micro Vertical Molding Machine at NPE2015. Designed for the high-speed molding of precision micro parts, the HC03VRE is said to achieve a dry cycle time of just 0.9 seconds.Print

Plustech says that a mold clamping system that closes and clamps in a single motion coupled with a belt-driven table rotation enable short cycle times.  The electrically driven hybrid direct-pressure mold clamping system uses four tie-bars to ensure alignment and high rigidity so that clamping force is applied uniformly.

Sodick's new micro molder will produce a 0.09 gram  bobbin at the Orlando show.

Sodick’s new micro molder will produce a 0.09 gram bobbin at the Orlando show.

In the HC03VRE, the plasticization and injection processes are separated through use of a two-stage plunger system.

The machine footprint is 1625mm x 1178mm (63.9” x 46.4”) and the clamping force is 3.3 tons. Sodick will demonstrate the machine with an 8mm plunger and 14mm screw unit producing a direct gated two-cavity micro-bobbin  with a part weight of 0.09 gram in a cycle time of 1.9 seconds.

There will be other micro firepower at NPE2015. Wittmann Battenfeld will be running a MicroPower micromolding machine producing liquid silicone rubber (LSR) 2-component tear duct plugs. In a display of competence, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag will mold a 0.524-gram polyacetal gear in an 18-ton electric machine.

At NPE2012, Sodick Plustech showed the LP20EH2 Micro Molding series with a 12mm diameter plunger producing a funnel tip made of PEEK with a minimum thin wall section of 0.008”.


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