Athena Builds Its First High-Speed 300-Ton Machine

Athena Automation, Robert Schad’s machine-building startup, is making steady progress.

The company reports that it has built its first high-speed 300–ton machine. In keeping with Schad’s plan to keep machine design simple, it comes equipped with five servo-driven pumps easily accessible through a side cabinet.

Athena says that the injection rate on the machine is comparable to standard accumulator-assisted systems and that it is capable of maintaining a high injection rate over the full screw stroke. Injection rate is 1623 cm3/s (99 cu. in./s).

The key target  is thinner wall, high flow ratio applications such as electronic connectors or medical instruments.

Athena Automation will not have a booth at NPE2105, but its partner SIPA will show the recently released XFORM 300 preform system (with 72–cavity mold) in the West Hall of the Orlando, Florida convention center (booth W151).

Other partners will show:

  • An A300 stack mold carrier system with high-performance injection,
  • An A150 flip-top closure molding system with integrated servo-driven function for unscrewing and closing, and
  • A rotary table.
Athena A300_01

Athena’s A300 injection molding machine.


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