The Re-Arming of American Molders: A Look At Spindale

The re-arming of American injection molders continues at a strong pace. Emphasis is on work cell integration, automation and contract assembly.

The latest example comes from Spindale, North Carolina, where Alliance Precision Plastics is installing seven injection molding machines, four robots, five granulators, three driers, three loaders, two pickers, and five temperature control units. All Wittmann Battenfeld.

Alliance, which is based in Rochester, New York, acquired the Spindale assets from Molding Dynamics two years ago. With the acquisition came the award of a major new project by a leading appliance manufacturer, and a resulting need for a new line of molding machines and auxiliaries to support it.

“We had a strong customer base in the Southeastern US, and saw the Spindale facility as a great fit for us to better service that region for both new and existing customers,” says Joe Williams, VP Operations at Alliance. One of those opportunities was a large project offered by an existing Spindale customer.

The sale is a victory for the one-stop shop approach by Wittmann, which forward integrated into injection molding machinery with the acquisition of Battenfeld’s financially struggling injection business in 2008, a move considered highly risky even by longtime company insiders.  The tradeoff was losing some sales of auxiliary equipment to other machinery builders. For Alliance, two critical issues were speed of delivery and ease of integration throughout the workcell.

WittBatt was even able to provide a highly engineered custom two-shot machine as part of the job.

“We really leaned on Wittmann Battenfeld for help with the two shot machine,” says Alan Kearns, General Manager at Alliance’s Spindale facility. “The mold size required a big machine and the shot sizes demanded something different. What we ended up with was a nearly completely custom machine that fit our application perfectly and provided us with the solution we needed.”

Alliance started as a local tool making shop in 1953 and now has more than 90 injection molding machines spread across four main locations in the US and Mexico.


Alliance IMMs ready to roll.

Alliance IMMs ready to roll.

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