Engel Moves Into Mold-Based Control

Slight variations in processing conditions can affect molding quality and productivity.

Engel is rolling out a system that replaces legacy water manifolds to monitor and adjust water flow in a closed-loop system. The new e-flomo uses electrical control valves in a fully automated process to counter clogged filters clog or system pressure changes caused by different levels of load on production equipment. The “flomo” introduced by Engel in 2010 was manually adjusted.

If the new system notices a flow rate dropping in one of the flow circuits, the corresponding control valve is automatically opened to a position where the desired target value is reached again.

The temperature control device is designed to keep a constant media temperature. Since a certain amount of heat loss is typical between the temperature control unit and the mold, the e-flomo also monitors the supply water temperature throughout the entire production run. Other parameters such as the return temperature can be monitored.

Electric valves automatically adjust water flow. (Engel)

Electric valves automatically adjust water flow. (Engel)

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