Novel Vacuum Receiver Attacks Contamination, Abrasion

Inventor Chuck Thiele is reporting good results from the introduction of the vacuum receiver that he and licensee Piovan of Italy introduced at K2013. Called PureFlo, the receiver dissipates the kinetic energy of resin entering the receiver. Material enters through  a right angle bend elbow (tradenamed RaBEND) and there is no impact on the wall of the receiver.diagram of system_0

“We are replacing existing receivers where the walls are wearing through due to the abrasive impact of the material (20 – 40 percent glass filled nylon etc.),” Thiele says. Details of installations cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements. Plus no one really wants to acknowledge that resin compounds may have been contaminated with bits of metal from deteriorating vacuum receivers.

Piovan subsidiary Universal Dynamics, founded by the great Dewey Rainville, has introduced PureFlo to the United States. “We think that this product simply puts aside many of the issues that have plagued vacuum conveying systems for years. It’s easy to clean, simple, and trouble free,” says Bill Goldfarb,president of Universal Dynamics.

Pivoan has created a mini-site to promote PureFlo. “We have seen a great deal of interest in this new technology and we want to give our customers the easiest and fastest possible link for application and design information without having to navigate through our main web site,” commented Giorgio Santella, Piovan’s head of marketing.


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