What’s the Biggest Injection Press in the World?

Bill Bregar of Plastics News has published an interesting list of what he says are some of the largest injection molding machines in the world in terms of clamping pressure:

  • An 8,800-ton (MIR) machine used by Contenur SA in Spain, to produce containers.
  • An 8,800-ton (Husky) for producing material-handling products. No owner listed. What ever happened to that 8,800-ton Husky injection molding machine? 
  • A 6,600-ton (Milacron) at Bemis Manufacturing Co. to mold John Deere tractor hoods.
  • A 6,000-ton press built by Infiltrator to mold septic tank components.

He also lists a couple of examples of presses mounted in tandem.

Which reminds me that Husky once said it was investing $10 million in a project to build an 8,800-ton molding machine for Chrysler for an ill-fated project to build a plastic molded world car. Don’t know if that press was ever built. Maybe it’s the one in Bregar’s list.

KraussMaffei and Trexel cooperated in the installation of a 5,400 metric ton injection molding machine that produces MuCell foam parts in Mürdter’s Technical Center in Mutlangen, Germany. Mürdter specializes in the production of large interior parts such as instrument panels. It’s described as the largest injection molding machine in the world using the MuCell process.

In another notable example, Engel manufactured a 5500 (metric) ton machine for  a Russian

Engel's big Russian baby.

Engel’s big Russian baby.

container-producing company called iPlast two years ago.  I’m sure there are other examples. Suggestions appreciated (dougsmock@gmail.com).

Clamping pressure is one measure of the size of an injection molding machine. Size of part molded, or shot size, is another. At K2007, KraussMaffei actually measured the size of a machine and issued a press release that it was the largest ever shown at a K up until that point. It had a length of 21 meters and a weight of 300 tons. It was a combination of injection molding and reaction process machinery. Reaction, of course, is not a high-pressure process.

And there are some oddball claims out there.

Google “biggest ever injection molding machine” and up pops a video on YouTube titled: “Huge injection molding machine installation”. It’s a 112-ton hydraulic toggle. It’s the same old story on the Internet: Whomever yells the loudest gets the most attention.

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