All-Rite Prospers With Focus on Metal/Plastics Assemblies

One interesting example of the make-over of American manufacturing is All-Rite Industries of Lake Zurich, Illinois, which has tripled in size in less than five years by providing diversified manufacturing.

All-Rite Industries (owned and operated by Ed Bilik) started in 1947 as a manufacturer of spring coiling and wire forms and moved into the injection molding business in 1999 as customers wanted metal parts overmolded with plastic.

All-Rites victory 240. (Engel)

All-Rite’s victory 240. (Engel)

Its forte now and growth focus is an area hopefully safe from low-cost country sourcing: automated assembly of multiple components, using in-mold integration where possible.

All-Rite tries to get involved at the design phase—where most cost is built into a manufactured product by OEM design engineers who aren’t familiar with manufacturing processes. All-Rite then manufactures most of the component parts for their assemblies in-house, including hinges, fasteners, brackets, speaker grills, clamps, springs and standard plastic molded parts. Assembly capabilities include welding (MIG or resistance), threading, staking, and over-molding.

That eliminates much of the supply chain, boosts accountability, improves quality, and reduces inventory.

The company currently runs 15 injection molding machines ranging in size from 55 to 400 tons, including horizontal and vertical rotary presses.  All machines are equipped with robots that place finished parts onto conveyors and take runners to regrind stations.  All-Rite specializes in precision tooling for both short-run prototypes and high volume production, processing a wide range of both commercial and engineering grades of resin including flexible PVC, nylon, ABS, TPU and various grades of polypropylene.

The growth continues with All-Rite’s recent expansion of their injection molding operations to include two new Engel 240 victory spex machines.  The machines were purchased to meet increased capacity requirements of two new automotive programs consisting of more than 20 different molded parts.

All-Rite Industries has two facilities in Lake Zurich.  The original building houses all injection molding operations, stamping, toolmaking and engineering support in a 40,000 square foot space.  The second building, added three years ago, is a 45,000 square foot facility containing the company’s CNC wire forming, robotic MIG and resistance welding, shipping, warehousing and administrative offices.


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