Sumitomo Demag Shows Special Fill System for Multi-Cavity Molds

One of the interesting technology award winners (gold level) at the recent Plastpol show held in Kielce, Poland was Sumitomo Demag’s activeFlowBalance, which was also demonstrated at K2013.

The technology represents an effort to pack out hard-to-fill cavities in multi-cavitation tools. The machine function uses the expansion of the compressed melt during the transition of

Wall plugs without burrs, using new approach. (Sumitomo Demag)

Wall plugs without burrs, using new approach. (Sumitomo Demag)

injection pressure to holding pressure, when partly filled cavities fill more due to their lower counterpressure. The screw stops for a fraction of a second to allow further compression at the transfer point. Filling then continues at reduced pressure to facilitate venting. Demag says that the fill levels regulate themselves in a natural way without increasing cycle time.

At Plastpol 2014, the Demag Plastics Group SP. z.o.o. showed a fully electric IntElect 100 (clamping force 1,000 kN) with a 32-cavity wall plug mold. The particular challenge is to avoid burrs.

The IntElect machine series uses electric direct drives that are optimized for the injection molding process. As opposed to belt-driven electric drives, direct drives are said to offer superior energy efficiency, better precision, and higher repeatability.

The technology was demonstrated by Sumitomo Demag on a family mold at K2013.

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