New Organosilicons Extend the Range of Polyamides, PPS, PEEK

An under-the-radar, small custom compounder in South Plainfield, New Jersey, shows the increasing specialization and complexity of today’s engineering plastics industry. Technical staff at privately owned Polymer Dynamix, which is 15 years old, meets with customers at early stages of product development to help develop additives that can allow specific plastics to meet end-market requirements.

“At times, our customers don’t know exactly what they need, but they know what they want to make,” says a company official.

One new product was described at ANTEC 2014 held recently in Las Vegas.

A modified organosilicon based additive provides flexibility to polyamides over a wide range of temperatures from less than 50°C to greater than 300°C, according to a presentation by Technical Manager Viggy Mehta. Traditional plasticizers create flexibility by creating spacing between polymer chains through partial solubility. That compromises the thermal properties of polyamide.

The new additive, called Flexil, does not affect the glass transition because it does not interact on the molecular level beyond basic chemical compatibility. “Flexil acts similar to a hinge on a door or a joint in the body. Flexil provides a point of movement without disrupting or interfering with the polymer chain.” The new technology may also allow increased use of polyamides on food-contact applications.

The customer was not disclosed in the paper.

Lehman & Voss of Hamburg, Germany, announced that it will now jointly market the Polymer Dynamix product lines EverGlide MB, EverGlide SG and DynaSil FR in the European Union and Switzerland.

EverGlide MB line includes high molecular weight siloxanes that improve flow properties of engineering plastics,  enabling longer flow paths to make complex parts. The SG line boosts the tribological properties of PPS and PEEK. Dynasil FR allows significant reductions of antimony oxide, which is classified as a hazardous substance.

Interesting stuff, and the kind of behind-the-scenes work that significantly boosts the value of injection molded plastics.


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