New High Heat Amorphous Polyimide Is Moldable

Need a molded part that provides high performance at prolonged extreme temperatures?

Say semicon plasma chamber, aircraft or electronic components?

SABIC Innovative Plastics has developed, and is commercializing,  a new class of high performance amorphous thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) resin that has a glass transition temperature exceeding 300oC.  No post-molding operations are required as is the case for a plastic such as Torlon polamide imide, which requires curing in an oven after molding to reach its peak properties.

Torlon is the granddaddy of very high-performance plastics, dating back more than 30 years to its invention by scientists at Union Carbide. Despite its impressive data sheet, Torlon has been slow to catch on because of its poor manufacturability.

The new plastic from SABIC claims to overcome that problem while retaining excellent creep resistance over time at very high temperatures, according to a presentation by three SABIC scientists at ANTEC last month.  It has been awarded the highest UL (Underwriter’s laboratory) RTI rating in the world for an unfilled thermoplastic.

Two years ago, SABIC announced an extension of the line: EXTEM UH1019 resin, with Tg of ~300ºC.

One of the ANTEC presenters, Aditya Narayanan describes himself as the Extem product portfolio owner. He says he has created innovative polymer blends generating $20 million annual revenue. That would indicate a decent start for the new materials.

More technical details are abvailable on the SABIC Web site.

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