Bemis, Milacron Team To Develop Servo Co-Injection

The efficiencies of co-injection molding and servo pumps are combining in a unique hybrid machine developed by Milacron (Batavia, Ohio) for Bemis Manufacturing, one of America’s largest injection molders and major technology developer in co-injection technology.

Bemis says it will make parts for a wide variety of markets, including automotive, in the

Maxima G Servo

Maxima G Servo

1,500-ton MAXIMA Servo.

“After seeing our Maxima Servo platform at NPE2012, Bemis recognized the value of combining co-injection and servo technology,” said Jim Moore, VP Automotive Business at Milacron.  “Bemis’s deep-rooted commitment to zero waste and energy conservation aligns perfectly with the Maxima’s efficient servo motor technology, which uses less than half the energy of a comparable 1,500-ton hydraulic press.”

Milacron’s co-injection design can be configured for sequential or simultaneous injection (combining injection capacities for large part production), stack molding, multi-component and co-injection, as well as other advanced processes.

Co-injection (or encapsulation) can improve environmental sustainability and reduce costs by making it possible to include recycled or reground resin; technical grades of resin with material properties to improve part characteristics such as sound deadening or cold weather impact strength; or more economical material in the core with another material molded over top for aesthetics.

Collaboration between Milacron and Bemis Manufacturing on co-injection dates to 1994.  One of the fruits of that collaboration was development of a 6,600-ton co-injection machine.

Milacron LLC is a privately held company owned by affiliates of CCMP Capital Advisors and is the last remaining American-owned manufacturer of injection molding machinery.

Bemis Manufacturing is based in Sheboygan Falls, Wisc. and is best known for production of toilet seats.

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