RTM Process Cuts Cycle Times By 10; Uses Recycled CFRP

Cannon Afros has developed a process that cuts the molding time of a large part by a factor of 10.

The new process, called ESTRIM (Epoxy Structural Reaction Injection Molding) takes advantage of new, fast reacting epoxy formulations. It targets growing efforts to lightweight structural aprts for automotive and sports applications.

The system includes a series of integrated products – carbon reinforcement handling systems, dedicated preformers, high-pressure dosing unit for epoxies, multi-component mixing heads with different injection and distribution methods, polymerization presses and relevant handling systems of preforms and molded parts.

Cycle time sfor large parts are cut from a traditional 30 minutes cycle of conventional RTM to 3 minutes with ESTRIM.

Major automotive OEMs have been testing their own materials’ formulations at the Cannon Afros R&D Laboratory in Italy.

Adding interest is the ability to use the process to incorporate carbon fiber recycled from aerospace and other applications.

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