MuCell Foam Part Will Be Featured At Fakuma 2012

Among the many interesting technology demonstrations at this fall’s Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany (Oct. 16-20) will be production of a MuCell foamed automotive part on KraussMaffei’s recently released GX series of injection molding machines.

Krauss-Maffei describes the GX series as the fastest dual platen machine on the market, and as a result is a major productivity booster. Mechanical improvements reduce traction resistance by as much as 80%, improving energy efficiency.

A GX 450-3000 will produce a mobile phone cradle for an automotive interior using CellForm technology with physical foams. “This automotive application shows the enormous potential still contained in lightweight thermoplastic solutions“, said Karlheinz Bourdon, vice president, technologies  at KraussMaffei.

Shot weight constancy is less than ±0.1%.

In an interesting quality control enhancement, a camera inside the safety guard provides the machine operator with a video view on a separate screen next to the MC6 control system.

The demonstration shows the increased penetration of MuCell foam parts in European automotive applications. MuCell has been rapidly gaining traction, particularly for large automotive parts where its ability to reduce weight is increasingly valued. Many large applications have been kept quiet for competitive reasons.

Ford went public last fall with its plans to use the MuCell process in instrument panels in the 2012 Ford Escape and Kuga. The move cuts $3 in cost and one pound in weight per vehicle.

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