NPE2012: Melt-Cube Boosts IML for Syringes

European mold makers take a lot of pride in nifty technical demonstrations at the giant K Fair held every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany.  There will be at least one first-rate demonstration of tooling ingenuity at NPE2012 being held April 1-5 in Orlando, FL by the American Society of the Plastics Industry.

Canadian tooling innovator Mold-Masters is launching a new product called Melt-Cube.   It’s a  linear side gating system that allows 20% higher pitch density than circular systems and is designed for easy tip replacement in the press. Mold-Masters says it  produces faster cycles, pristine gates and more accurate IML (in-mold labeling because of an additional temperature control zone at the gate.  A system called iFlow manifold brazing technology provides flow balance.

You can see the technology running at the CBW booth (#3169) in a 16-cavity automated system producing a 5-6cc polypropylene  medical syringe with IML.  Use of in-mold labeling is on the rise because it marries branding graphics with anti-piracy features. The syringes will be branded with each of the logos of the partners and will feature an anti-piracy tag.  CBW Automation (Fort Collins, CO) is a supplier of high-end automation equipment for injection-molding applications. Tech Mold (Tempe, AZ) supplied the mold and Milacron provided the machine and the material-handling equipment. Both Mold-Masters and CBW are in West Hall, Level 2 of the NPE exhibition, with Mold-Masters in Hall C and CBW nearby in Hall B.

Bruce Catoen, Mold-Masters Chief Technology Officer and VP Business Development: “Both these work cells really push the technology envelope. Nobody has ever run systems like these at a major trade show, but we felt it was important for people to see there is still lots of room for innovation in this industry. It took a lot of creativity, teamwork and commitment to bring these systems to NPE for the world to see. Although the teams all had significant challenges everyone worked together incredibly well and the results are truly impressive.”

Meanwhile, Mold-Masters will be showing IRIS, a new co-injection technology for medical, beverage and food applications at its own booth (#4463). The work cell will be producing HDPE closures in a 16-cavity, fast-cycling closure mold.

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