BMW Accelerates Plastics Component Integration

German machine builder KraussMaffei yesterday announced an order from BMW to supply a large number of injection molding, reaction process and automation machines and systems. BMW will use the equipment, in part, to develop new processes for substituting metal with plastics in an effort to reduce weight of vehicles.

The machines will be used, for example, to produce and finish components made of

MX 4000-17200/12000/750 WL double-swivel plate machine for producing components with an outer skin and substructure (Photo: KraussMaffei)

thermoplastics and reactive resins in the interior and exterior, as well as for load-bearing structures. Parts for the vehicle body will be produced on a total of nine high-pressure resin-transfer molding machines at the BMW plants in Landshut and Leipzig.

As part of the order, the BMW plant in Wackersdorf will acquire another large MX 4000-24500 injection molding machine to produce mold carriers for the instrument panel in the 1 and 3 Series using the structural foam process. In this process components are produced with a compact outer skin and a foam structure inside. Two integrated industrial robots perform the assembly.

At the BMW plant in Leipzig two 4000-metric ton MX 4000-17200/12000/750 WL double swivel-plate machines will produce components with an outer skin and a thermoplastic substructure. In this case the outer skin and substructure will each first be separately injection molded, joined together as the two swivel plates rotate and tightly connected with a third plastic component.

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