Rinspeed’s Newest Lightweight Wonder Eyes Series Partners

New concepts in lightweight car design are becoming primary features of German trade shows. And one of the leading players is Rinspeed, a niche Swiss automotive developer founded in 1979 by Frank Rinderknecht.

On display at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week is the  “BamBoo,” an electric vehicle concept that showcases some of Ticona’s newest materials.

They include:

  • A 20-millimeter-wide, 70% glass polypropylene continuous fiber tape that is used for the underbody and wheel wells. Specifically, two layers of the fabric are pressed to create a 1-millimeter underbody wall thickness, while three layers are used in the wheel wells to achieve greater stiffness. Ticona worked with Oxeon of Sweden during the manufacturing of the tape, and Kringlan Composites of Switzerland manufactured the concept components.
  • A 60% glass polyacetal continuous fiber tape, also produced by Oxeon, is used to mold homogeneous and smooth interior applications such as the instrument panel covers and door sills.
  • A 60% carbon fiber polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) tape, wound without an inner core by Advanced Fibre Placement Technology (AFPT) of the Netherlands, is used for the tailgate and roll bar. The structural roll bar is constructed from the Celstran CFR-TP using a cross-winding process that ensures particularly high stiffness. A comparable roll bar constructed of aluminum or steel would have increased the weight of the BamBoo by 20% or 50%, respectively. The roll bar is integrated directly in the vehicle structure to connect the cockpit with the vehicle substructure adding stability to the BamBoo.

Frank Rinderknecht with his newest baby--the BamBoo. He says serial production is in the cards.

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