Film-to-Metal Laminates Eliminate Adhesives

Materials’ specialist Rogers Corp. is bonding PEEK film to metal foils in a heat lamination process that overcomes adhesive delamination problems. The reduction of VOCs also results in an environmental benefit. And the ability to reduce laminate thickness allows for miniaturization in smaller, thinner devices. Adhesives can add up to 50% to the overall thickness and weight of a laminate structure.

One result is the use of foil laminates in more demanding environments.

The process works on metal foils such as copper, brass, aluminum or other materials including aramid or glass fiber fabrics. Rogers’ standard product is Victrex PEEK film with either copper or aluminum foil on one or both sides. However lamination can be done in a wide variety of configurations, such as A-B, A-B-A and B-A-B structures. Also the process is not limited to only three layers of different materials

The high performance characteristics of APTIV PEEK film have enabled Rogers to extend its market reach beyond high-frequency radar and telecommunications circuit applications.  These include automotive under-the-hood, down-hole oil and gas and  aerospace applications.

To produce the adhesive-less laminates, Rogers installed a new line in its Belgium facility. The production capability supports roll-to-roll laminate structures having a maximum roll length of 400 m (1,312 ft) and a maximum thickness of 0.25mm (0.10 in). When the rolls are panelized a maximum width of 0.61m (24 in) and length of 1.22 m (48 in) is achievable.

Rogers' process laminates film to metals.

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